Aeona is a Multipurpose AI Chatbot which removes the need for multiple bots.

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Welcome, LoneWolf. We hope you brought pizza. Welcome LoneWolf

25+ systems for your server.

220+ commands

Aeona removes the need for multiple bots with features like Anti Raid, Welcomer, Logging, Boost Logging, Server Stats and much more.

+imagine The home of a goddess rank card

AI Image Generator

Generate Images on any matter!

Choose from various styles like dramatic, fantasy, cyberpunk and many other styles.

Hello There Hello There Hi there! Hi there! How do you do? How do you do? I am doing very well. How are you Friend ?


An Advanced AI Chatbot

Designed to be your friend for life.

+hug Akio +hug Akio

Also Included

Many Minigames and Fun commands (100+)

With commands like 8ball , wanted, keepdistance, 2048, youtubetogether and more.
You are sure to never run out of things to have fun with.

+rank rank card

Dont forget about the

Advance Economy and Leveling system

Allowing you to reward users for being active

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